Handcrafted in the USA

Carter & Son Forge is a blacksmith shop that specializes in handmade knives, axes, and traditional woodworking tools. My products are of our own design, however mostly based on traditional ideas with our own interpretation. Everything is made by eye and most of the shaping is done with a traditional coal forge, hammer, and anvil. Some of my heavier work is done with the assistance of a 50 lb Little Giant Triphammer (Powerhammer) that was built in 1906 and was originally powered by a steam engine, however most everything is done by hand. All of my edged tools are made from high carbon steel and hardened and tempered for maximum edge holding ability while retaining durability and toughness in the spine and handle. I try to use all natural materials when possible, stay away from epoxies and resins, and use traditional methods when feasible.