Handcrafted in the USA
  • Kephart Woodcraft Knife


    In 1906 Horace Kephart described this style of knife in his book titled 'Camping and Woodcraft.' He determined it was the ideal belt knife to carry in the woods and because of it's simplistic utilitarian design it is one of my favorites. My version of the Kephart is a full tang spear point blade, with a scandi grind, a forged finish, a 1/8th inch 90 degree spine for striking sparks, hardwood handle scales, and an upright leather sheath. I can also provide a matching firesteel if desired. Each knife is hammer forged from high carbon steel using a traditional coal forge, ground, then hardened and tempered as required. 

    Total length: 6.5 inches approx

    Blade: 3 inches approx

    Thick: 1/8 inch

    Width 1 inch

    Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as each item is handmade.