Handcrafted in the USA
  • Woodcraft Froe


    The froe is a traditional hand tool used to cleave logs into boards, chair leg blanks, bow staves, turning blanks, spoon blanks, shingles, et cetera. It was used extensively in colonial america for various crafts and still used today by unplugged woodworkers like bodgers and bowyers. The froe is an absolute requirement for anyone interested in green woodworking. Our froes are reminiscent of the traditional wrought iron froes made by frontier blacksmiths, however I have improved upon the forge welded eye design by instead punching the eye with a chisel, thus creating a much stonger eye with no weld to break apart during levering. The froe is made of tough 1045 medium carbon steel, which is heat treated with a spring temper for maximum durability that will withstand repeated mallet blows. The eye and handle are tapered and friction fit for easy dissasembly/reassembly and uses a standard tomahawk handle. To use, place the edge of the blade on top of the green log/ wood block that you wish to split, strike the spine of the froe with a very large wooden mallet, then lever the handle as needed to cleave along the split. 

    19 inch hickory handle

    Approx 9 inch blade

    Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as each item is handmade to order.